4 Earrings Every Woman Should Own In 2019

Posted on 14 March 2019

The big fashion houses have hit the runways with their Fall/Winter 2018-109 collections, laying the groundwork for the biggest trends this coming year. A roundup of all the shows has provided some clear-cut winners when it comes to earrings.

Silver leads in terms of materials for accessories, so anything in platinum or stainless steel is right up 2019’s alley. Those who love large, dramatic earrings can get ready to break them out, and solid geometric or angular designs are expected to top the trends.

To help you set the tone for the New Year, earrings-wise, we’ve come up with a list of some of the sterling silver earrings every woman should own in 2019, in keeping with contemporary fashion.

4 Must Have Earrings 2019

1. Earring Cuffs

Earrings cuffs made popular in the last few years, continue to dominate in fashion. While incredibly elaborate designs were seen on the runways, anyone can get in on the trend with more streamlined, classier versions like those we offer. It can be a bit intimidating to go from wearing studs to earring cuffs, but we guarantee that we have something that will suit every personality type!

3 Silver Lines Wrap Ear Cuffs No Piercing

Sterling silver non-pierced ear cuff earrings are a great gift. The plain geometric shapes suit every face shape. Check our selection of non-pierced ear cuff earrings.

2. Jewel-Encrusted

Another prominently featured earring style in the most recent shows was bling – as in chandeliers and dangling earrings encrusted with jewels. Diamonds, rhinestones or cubic zirconia studded many of these earrings, though there were also a number with more colourful stones. These kinds of earrings are perfect for nights out or fancier events, and there are many wearable options available here. Lots of sparkles is always a sure way to gain attention in any situation!

Yellow Citrine Green Peridot Drop Earrings

3. Solid Dangling Designs

Dangling earrings are a fashion staple for a reason – they can always make a statement. Next year’s trends forecast solid dangling designs in bold, geometric patterns. This means anything from shoulder-length chandeliers to more muted earring drops shaped like circles or triangles. Solid dangling earring designs are a good way to add some flair to uniforms and outfits in neutral colours or transform day wear to something more suited for a night out.

Geometric Silver Solid Cylinder Drop Dangling Earrings

4. Feathers and Hearts

Two popular designs in earrings appeared to be feathers and hearts, crafted in unique shapes and set with studs and stones. Hoops in the shape of hearts, or chandeliers featuring silver feathers, are examples of this modern runway twist. Feathers convey a more whimsical, bohemian feel while hearts set a sweeter, more feminine appeal. Either way, these earring designs are definitely on the watch list for 2019; earring lovers can’t go wrong with a pair of them!

Sterling Silver Feather And Heart Earrings

Every woman should have a nice pair of heart-shaped earrings in her jewellery box. No matter what the occasion, they always look stylish. In the last couple of years, earring designs featuring feathers increased its popularity and are definitely on the watch list for 2019.

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