What Earrings to Wear to a Work Christmas Party?

Posted on 14 August 2019

It’s coming up on that time of the year again – holiday cheer, presents wrapped and traded, family feasts, and of course, festive parties.

There’s no lack of gatherings to be invited to when it comes to the Christmas season, this includes the inevitable work or office Christmas party, where you and your colleagues get to leave the stress of your jobs behind for a few hours of fun. The big question is, of course, what should you wear?

What earrings to wear to Christmas party

Putting an ensemble together for a work-related event always brings up concerns, like how do you balance looking professional and exuding fun? The key is to keep the venue of your work Christmas party in mind. The fancier the place, the more chances you’ll have to dress up, but other companies may also opt for more laid-back locations where a fringed cocktail dress might seem rather out of place.

We can help you out to make sure you bring your A-game in picking out the perfect earrings to wear to a work Christmas party!

1. Fancy Holiday Events

Think cubic zirconia and gold-plated earrings. If you have a pair of chandeliers dripping in white stones, or dangling earrings the colour of rubies, now is the time to break them out. This is a season of sparkles and everything shiny, after all. Cubic Zirconia will match any outfit, whether you intend to wear a glittery sheath or keep it basic with a little black dress.

The Christmas story indicates gold was one of the gifts from the Magi, so it seems fitting to celebrate this by donning gold or gold-plated earrings to your office party if diamonds or sparkly stones aren’t your bling. Gold pairs well with almost anything, from neutral palettes like creams and whites or blacks and greys to bright reds and greens. So gold hoops or simple, elegant gold-plated studs will do nicely.

Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Studs Party Earrings

Green and red are colours of this festive season. Boccai has a wide variety of sterling silver earrings to choose from. Check our Emerald Green Stud Earrings, design inspired by the Royal family, or classic design Ruby Red Pear Earrings.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your accessories must do just that – accessorise, not overpower. If you want your earrings to be the highlight of your holiday attire, you might want to keep everything else muted. If you’re thinking a colourful brocade blazer with pants, maybe stick to ear cuffs set with small stones, and you’ll be all set.

2. Casual Christmas Parties

Really get into the spirit by putting on holiday-themed earrings or statement earrings, such as cute stars or fun earrings resembling snowflakes. This is the perfect event to show off a little whimsy, especially if you work in a serious environment, plus unique earrings are always a great way to break the ice among co-workers!

For those who prefer silver or platinum earrings to gold, silver is bound to class up any outfit, so go for it! Silver is a nice, classy substitute during the holidays, and silver or platinum studs or hoops can be easily taken from sitting at your desk to cocktails after five – just swap out your jeans for a nice dress or your thong sandals for fancy flats, and off you go!

Christmas party sterling silver stud earrings star snowflake

Get into the holiday mood with Boccai's sterling silver earrings such as cute stars or fun earrings resembling snowflakes.

3. Themed Work Events

Some offices may go out on a limb and throw their Christmas work parties at specific locations like on a beach, aboard a boat, at a ranch, even going so far as to set themes like Christmas Carnival, Tropical Holiday, and so on. These events will require more planning and forethought, but a handy tip is to take one word from the title of the event, or one word to describe the location of the party, and pick out earrings to suit. So for Christmas parties by or on the water, a pair of sapphire ear cuffs would be perfect, while subtle gold dangling earrings would fit right in for either tropical or rustic settings.

Just be sure to match your earrings to your outfit, and keep in mind that confidence is the key to success in dressing – and in everything else.

Sterling Silver Jacket Earrings Party Christmas 2018

One of this year's most popular styles of earrings are sterling silver jacket earrings. Choose from our Handmade Collection these statement Black Cubic Zirconia Citrine Ear Jackets.

Remember, check your venue and dress code before putting your outfit together, then get ready to have fun. You only get to do this once a year, so make the most of it!


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