What Earrings To Wear To A Business Meeting?

Posted on 06 December 2018

Dressing professionally is very much an important part of career success. Your personal presentation can say a lot about you in a very short amount of time. There is an oft-quoted saying “Dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have”, which basically implies that the way you dress, will determine to a large extent the direction in which you head.

The beauty of earrings is that they are an accessory that allows you to express your individuality and sense of style whilst at the same time, maintaining a professional appearance. When selecting the ideal sterling silver earrings for your work outfit, the most important rule to follow is that they do not provide any distractions to your overall appearance. A business meeting is a place for your experience and professionalism to shine so the earrings you choose should complement any outfit you are wearing and be a subtle accessory to an overall look.

Earrings For Business Meeting Interview Work

Simple earrings are the safest choice when going to a business meeting. Shop a variety of sterling silver stud earrings at our online store.

Generally, in a professional situation the types of earrings that work well are slightly understated, and ones that suit your face shape and style of outfit. You are certainly not limited to studs, though as a rule, long, dangly & gaudy earrings are to be avoided in your traditional workplaces. Simple, classic jewellery works exceedingly well. It also works well for special occasions, which makes it a great all round choice for your essential earring pieces.

Small hoop earrings in either gold or silver are perfect for both casual and formal workplaces. Elegant drop earrings can be ideal for work environments and are a beautiful way of accentuating your facial features and adding a sense of style without detracting from your professional appearance. Stud earrings offer a variety of styles and shapes of earrings to be the perfect accessory for your work attire.

Boccai Sterling Silver Earrings For Work

Different types of earrings suitable for both casual and formal business meeting. Available in store.

If needing some examples as to what is the best style of earrings to wear to a business meeting, you need only look to the news for ample inspiration. Hillary Clinton has been a formidable presence in the news of late whilst she stages her American presidential campaign. She is known for understated elegant jewellery and is fond of pearl stud earrings. Hillary is fully aware of how our appearance can be judged in a professional situation and her accessories, at all times, are chosen to enhance her professional appearance.

Hillary Clinton Signature Pearl Stud Earrings

Hillary Clinton is known for understated elegant jewellery and is fond of pearl stud earrings. Photograph - Nano News

Carly Fiorina, as former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is another female who is fully aware of how important appearance is within the workplace. Carly has very striking features and she is renowned for wearing earrings that accentuate her jawline and defined bob. In this instance simple drop earrings, huggies and small hoop earrings all work well and can look very professional whilst adding a touch of flair. Julia Gillard was also a fan of the drop earrings, which were understated and very much a part of her professional appearance.

Carly Fiorina Drop Earrings Long Face Shape

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is renowned for wearing simple drop earrings that accentuate her facial features. Photograph by David Sherfinski - The Washington Times

There are so many inspiring women in the public eye who know how to dress appropriately for a business occasion. Whether it be Jennifer Anniston who understands the difference between red carpet flair and professional attire or Gwen Stefani and Pink who can transform their stage appearance to something much more understated when they are addressing the business side of the music industry.

Gwen Stefani Business Meeting Earrings

Gwen Stefani transforms her stage appearance to something much more understated when addressing the business side of the music industry. Photograph by Getty Images - ET Online

When selecting earrings for a work meeting, whilst generally understated is the rule, it is also important to understand the environment in which you will be meeting. A boardroom full of senior level executives would have different expectations for a casual meeting room filled with a team of social media managers.

Different environments would allow for a little more individuality and flair, though at no stage do you want your earrings to do anything other than complement your outfit and your personal presentation. In a work environment, earrings should never be a distraction but rather a great addition to an overall look.

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