What Earrings To Wear On A First Date?

Posted on 31 July 2018

First dates generally are nerve-wracking events, with you worrying about what seems to be a hundred things at the same time, such as where are you going? What will your date think of you? What will you think of your date? How should you act? And most importantly, what are you going to wear?

We’re here to help – at least with the question of what earrings you should wear on a first date. After all, accessories can make or break an outfit, and earrings, in particular, tend to draw the eye and give away a lot about your style. So how exactly do you pick out the perfect pair to impress your date? Here are some excellent pointers from the earring experts here at Boccai.

Earrings For First Date A Couple In Coffee Shop

When choosing earrings for a first date, the safe choice is to go with simple stud earrings like these round Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings.

1. You can never go wrong with clean, streamlined designs

While you might love rocking colourful feather earrings or large, swingy hoops, it’s important to remember that for first meetings, you don’t want something too distracting. The last thing you need is the awkward situation of your date staring at your earrings or trying helplessly not to.

You can’t miss by picking clean, streamlined lines like geometric shapes. Minimalist earrings will accent instead of over-emphasize your look, which is even more important if you intend to wear statement outfits or bold colours.

Sterling Silver Geometric Earrings Studs Drop Earrings

2. Consider where your date will be taking place

There’s a big difference between dressing for a picnic or accessorising for a fashionable club in the city. Knowing where you’ll be going will help you decide what to wear and which earrings to choose from. If the first date is for an after-work coffee, stylised ear pins or fun dangling earrings would work well. But if the date is an art gallery opening with cocktails, you might want to punch up your accessories with a bit of colour, like ruby teardrop earrings to match a dress with red print. If you’re not sure about the location, err on the safe side and stick to classic earrings like simulated diamond earrings or pearl stud earrings.

A Couple In Restaurant First Date Earrings

Whether your date takes you to a restaurant or a picnic, a pair of beautiful sterling silver earrings will give you the confidence you need to be yourself.

3. Choose an earring design that will flatter your face

When you’re with your friends, it’s probably more important for you to feel comfortable. To a certain degree, there is no pressure to impress. However, for a first date, making a good impression is vital so you want to be deliberate in choosing the outfit and earrings that best compliment you. Knowing your face shape and what style will best accentuate it will go a long way towards starting off your date on a high note!

4. Match your earrings to your outfit

There’s nothing wrong with choosing an outfit with vibrant colours as it depends on your personal taste and where you’ll be going. But it’s always good to put some effort in matching colours. You shouldn’t be in just one colour from head to toe either, so pick one colour in your outfit and match your earrings to it. For instance, if you’re wearing cream pants, a pair of drop pearl earrings would be perfect, and if you’re wearing a pink blouse, something in rose gold would work beautifully.

Dressing Up For Date Sterling Silver Earrings

Matching clothes with accessories can be sometimes a bit tricky. If you are not sure, go for neutral colours such as these Freshwater Pearl Hoop Drop Earrings.

5. Pick earrings with a personal story or a unique design

Conversation-starters are a must for first dates. Your grandmother’s drop earrings or tasteful chandelier earrings you picked up on a trip abroad are just some examples. Your date might notice the earrings and start talking about them, or you can steer your discussion towards them. Who knows? The conversation might turn to more interesting things!

One thing that will really help first dates is confidence. Smile, be your charming self, and remember that what matters at the end of the date is the person wearing the earrings – you!


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