The Boccai Difference

How Is Boccai Different?

Creating the Boccai collection has taken much planning, love, and passion and at Boccai we are proud to know that our customers love the range and quality of our products. Many of our collections are inspired by fashion houses from across the globe; which ensures that customers are not only seeing the latest releases, but that the Boccai collection is a veritable treasure chest that you can’t help but fall in love with again, and again.

You can shop by style, by colour, by collection, and by type. Whatever you are looking for, we are sure that you will be able to find something that is ideal. On our website, you can also find our Blog with details of the latest trends and helpful hints for picking the best pair of earrings for you. Whenever you need assistance we can provide it.

Boccai is a handpicked collection that brings together timeless pieces alongside contemporary designs to create a true treasure trove of delights, just for you. Whether you’re after a feminine touch with a demure hoop or a more dramatic chandelier for a night out with the girls, I wanted Boccai to capture those emotions in a gorgeous accessory that delights the senses.

Any lover of fashion and design can tell you that style does not evolve at a steady rate; but when it does change, it’s easy to tell when you’re behind on the times! This is why I keep a close eye on changing subtleties like emerging colour swatches, settings and gem cuts to ensure customers can find ‘their’ style - with a fresh outlook - every time they visit the Boccai collection.

As we are adding new designs regularly, shoppers can expect to see accents in stunning semi-precious stones, Swarovski elements and cultured freshwater pearls in the Boccai showcases.

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