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Stela Handlovska

Welcome to Boccai, the world’s first dedicated online earring store, created to ensure that there was a place for Australian women to go to source a range of beautiful, quality earrings. Boccai is now THE online destination for you to pick the perfect earrings from a beautiful assortment of pieces. It is also a place where I make a very personal promise that I have been involved in selecting every piece available, ensuring that it is of impeccable quality and stunning design.

So why earrings? Earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can own. Absolutely nothing can finish off your outfit like a perfectly matched accessory and the ultimate accessory is, of course, a beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings. Boccai is now home to a handpicked collection that brings together timeless pieces alongside contemporary designs that embrace those latest trends to create a fabulous one-stop shopping experience for you whenever you need some earrings. It is a dedicated platform for earring lovers so that you never have to go far to find the perfect accompaniment for your wardrobe.

When shopping online, we all like to know that our personal data is secure to be able to shop with confidence. To find out more information about shopping with Boccai, please visit the links below:

I can’t thank you enough for visiting. Because Boccai is built on delivering excellent customer service, I love getting your feedback on what we could do better or what you would like to see in our collections. You can email me on - I would be delighted to hear from you.

I wish you a happy shopping!

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