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Posted on 01 December 2020

5 Tips to help you make the most of your online shopping experience

I have a small confession to make, I only started shopping online a bit more than four years ago. Sounds unlikely, I know, as I now run my own online store and brand, but I was always a fan of spending a day (or weekend) shopping in one of Sydney's or Melbourne's unique boutiques. After all, it's an experience, and a day out. What's not to love?

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I tried online shopping out of necessity, not curiosity or adventure. I needed to buy a last-minute birthday gift for a friend in another state. I had no choice but to order online and have it delivered to her. The presentation and gift wrapping (as seen on Instagram) were exquisite and she loved it. I was hooked.

I started shopping more and more online enjoying and appreciating the convenience and choice. I also found that online shopping can be a social experience, usually with colleagues during lunch breaks, with family after a Sunday lunch or over coffee with friends.

To make sure you have a positive online shopping experience, I have outlined 5 tips that will help you avoid disappointment when buying earrings or other precious items on the internet.

#Tip 1: Always buy from a trustworthy website

First things first. If an online store does not give you peace of mind about its security, the team behind it or payment partners then it's not worth taking the risk and shopping there no matter how lucrative the offer is.

Look for the following 3 things:
- URL has "https" instead of "http". This means that the store has a form of security validation.
- Business details (in Australia we use ABN), privacy policy and terms and conditions are available on the website.
- Payment options include major credit cards, PayPal, AfterPay or similar. Payment providers validate stores using their services.

secure trustworthy website shop buy earrings online

#Tip 2: Check for detailed product descriptions and clear images

Size does matter. For example, when our photographer takes earrings shots, he uses a professional lens to bring out the details for buyers. This sometimes makes earrings look larger than they actually are. A reputable website will also include a detailed description including size so that you know exactly what you're getting (at Boccai we include product descriptions as a table on the product page). Make sure you read the description carefully before you order.

earrings buy online detail description

#Tip 3: Review the return policy

People change their minds all the time. Many even buy a couple of earrings to compare and only keep one. Being able to return an item after a change of mind is important for you as a consumer and is totally within your rights. So make sure that you review the store's return policy. Also, make sure that they would pay for the return shipping cost if the product is faulty.

#Tip 4: Avoid hidden costs and check out 'traps'

When I buy online, I like to know that the price I see is the final price I'll pay at checkout. Unfortunately, many stores have loads of hidden costs such as insurance, adding a gift box and express shipping. These can easily add up to 20% more to your order. If a store offers free standard shipping, make sure that estimated delivery times are reasonable otherwise you might need to pay extra for express shipping to get it when you need it.

Boccai buy earrings free express delivery on all orders Australia wide

#Tip 5: Choose quality over price

I'm always an advocate for "buy less, buy better". The internet is full of bargain earrings made from cheap material and offered without any guarantees. Not only can cheap earrings irritate your ears, but you end up wasting money by having to reorder more frequently. Just remember, if it's too good to be true then it probably is.

I hope the above tips will help you next time you shop online. As a fellow online shopper, I would love to hear about your experiences and tips. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and feedback.

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